Next on CudosCast: Founder and Blockchain Architect at Limechain — George Spasov

2 min readMar 8, 2022

We have an interesting guest on CudosCast today — George Spasov, Founder and Blockchain Architect at Limechain.

Limechain is our blockchain development partner helping us realise the vision of Cudos. In a conversation with our host Pete Hill, VP of sales at Cudos, George speaks about how intensive the last six months have been at Limechain as they are working on building the Cudos blockchain network.

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As we are gearing to launch our mainnet in the coming weeks, George shares that his team had to make crucial decisions to build a scalable network while being technically sound.

This podcast might especially interest the blockchain developer’s community as George explains the process of building a Cosmos SDK-based network for Cudos. He speaks about the merits of building a network on Cosmos and testing around Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC).

Limechain’s work with Cudos is challenging as it involves merging the blockchain pillar with decentralised cloud computing to create a sustainable solution.

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