Cudos partner Functionland announces its hardware launch

3 min readMar 9, 2022

Our partner, Functionland, announced the launch date of its Kickstarter campaign for Box, a decentralised application server. Box is a plug-and-play hardware device. Small enough to fit on a desk, it enables a decentralised application platform built on user-owned hardware.

Keyvan M. Sadeghi, CEO of Functionland, commented, “We built Box because we believe cloud applications are important, but shouldn’t come at the cost of privacy. Box enables full privacy and free-to-use applications. And it’s the first platform that pays both users and open-source software developers for providing value to the network.”

Learn more: Cudos partners with Functionland to support decentralised cloud solutions

The Kickstarter campaign will launch in March. Functionland’s Box is energy-efficient and links with other devices to create a distributed, user-owned platform that enables free-to-use services such as photo storage, file syncing, and data backups.

Box is the hardware component to the Fula Network, which plans to use Cudos’ Layer 1 blockchain network for validation. Cudos provides scalable computing through data centre servers, gaming PCs, and mining rigs to provide computing power for certain cloud applications. “Cudos and Functionland are complementary,” said Ehsan Shariati (CTO and Co-founder, Functionland). “We both provide an alternative to centralised cloud computing. Box can handle most apps and services in an energy-efficient manner, and for the more computationally demanding tasks, we have Cudos’ distributed platform.

“Across Web3 we are seeing new innovative ways for data owners to control and monetise their own data, a user-centric system. In Functionland, we have a partner that has taken this model further in a similar way to Cudos, by enabling hardware owners with a way to earn from their (in this case) storage, by being a contributor to a new type of storage infrastructure network. This is yet another step towards decentralisation, lessening the current reliance on the monopolistic tech giants of today,” commented Pete Hill, VP of Sales, Cudos.


The Kickstarter Launch

“We chose to launch Box on Kickstarter with a fifty percent discount to raise awareness among the open-source hardware community,” said Keyvan M. Sadeghi. Box will launch with free-to-use apps such as file syncing, photo storage and a password manager. You can get notified of the launch and get 50% discount here.

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