Cudos Labs: development update! (28/04/2022)

Last week:

Cudos Network

  • We’ve worked on preparations for the Dress Rehearsal (DR) network hard fork, and upgraded the DR network.
  • We investigated and identified an issue with incorrectly minted tokens on the DR network.
  • The issue was identified during the hard fork of the DR network.
  • We’ve resolved it and emphasis on tokenomics testing will take place in the following weeks.
  • We’ve solved an issue relating to the orchestrator. It was failing to restart on a host reboot.
  • We’ve upgraded the Cosmos-SDK version to 0.45.3, and the CosmWasm version to 1.0.

IBC module

  • We’ve have upgraded the Hermes relayer to version 0.13
  • The new version has been tested between a local network and the public testnet and it functions as expected.
  • With this version of the binary, the relayer can now work with IBC-GO modules up to V3.0.0, which is also the latest version.
  • We’ve upgraded the IBC module to version 2.2.0. This is also the version used by Osmosis.

Gravity Bridge

  • We’ve started the preparations around the Gravity bridge audit, and refactored the Gravity Bridge deployment scripts.
  • We’ve added automatic verification for the Gravity.sol.

Explorer Updates

  • We’ve continued to work on stabilising the Explorers, and last week there were several reported bugs that we addressed:
  • Explorer ver.1 — The tally results are not displayed while proposal voting is ongoing
  • Extend voting on proposals with weighted vote
  • Casted weighed vote on a proposal in Voting Period breaks UI on v1
  • Casted weighed vote on a proposal not fully working on v2 explorer
  • Cannot create proposal in v1 on private testnet.

Cudos dashboard

  • We’ve completed the wallet connect page (initial page of the Dashboard)
  • The team have created (incl. functionally) the navigation parts of the application
  • We’ve also implemented the disconnect wallet functionality for the application
  • We’ve completed the Frontend work of the Wallet Dashboard page (the page with the user’s information — Wallet balance / Staking rewards, etc.)
  • We’ve completed the frontend work of the Staking page (the page that outlines all validators to which the user can delegate).
  • This week, our primary focus is on supporting the Gravity Bridge audit, and continuing work on the Bridge transaction tests.
  • We’ll also be working on CosmWasm tests and IBC module testing.
  • We’ll wrap up the last remaining reported bugs for the Explorers.
  • We’ll commerce with the implementation of the MultiSend Dapp.
  • We’ll continue with the work on the Cudos Dashboard.

You can still participate in our Testnet!

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