Cudos Labs: development update! (17/03/2022)

Last week: Cudos Network

  • We proceeded to assist with open blockchain test cases. Each case has been addressed and is still being examined and discussed.
  • We’ve analysed the network pause issue and have developed a working theory that will be further examined.
  • We’ve been reviewing and updating the staking.json file.
  • We have maintained our support for validators who have joined us for the Dress Rehearsal test phase.

Gravity Bridge

  • We’ve upgraded the Gravity Bridge’s smart contract. This week will do an additional review and possible modifications.
  • We created the UI designs for the bridge’s Cancel transaction functionality. Additional review and improvements will be made the following week.

Cudos Blast

  • We’ve integrated ESlint into Cudos Blast. The work is still being reviewed and will be merged and released this week.
  • We’ve completed the integration tests for additional accounts and custom balances that were previously missing. This task is currently undergoing code review before being merged and released later this week.
  • All PRs related to implementations that occurred since last week’s update have been evaluated, approved, and merged.
  • We continue our research on the interoperability between RustWasm host and AssemblyScript wasm code.

MultiSig wallet

  • We’ve implemented several minor bug fixes, both infrastructure and frontend related.
  • We’ve completed testing the composite wallet generation through the CLI and the Composite Wallet UI. The result of the generated wallet is the same, which is the ideal case. This week, we’ll do additional tests.
  • We continue to work on the community pool’s Governance. However, this does not constitute a roadblock to the start of the Dress Rehearsal.

Explorer updates

  • We’ve implemented several minor fixes on Explorer ver.1.
  • We’ve resolved an issue where the balances provided when delegating/redelegating from a validator were out of sync.
  • We’ve resolved an issue where identical transactions appeared on the Validators tab in Explorer version 1.

This week: Cudos Network

  • We intend to begin dress rehearsals this week. Actions will include:
  • Final calculations and fixes for staking.json.
  • Support for the validators joining the dress rehearsal.
  • We’ll assist and make the necessary adjustments during the dress rehearsal.
  • We aim to complete all blockchain test cases.
  • We’ll deploy the explorers, Gravity Bridge, and Composite Wallet.
  • We’ll also provide monitoring for Validators during the dress rehearsal.

Gravity Bridge

  • We’ll update and finalise the Cancel transaction UI design and conduct tests on the Cancel functionality.
  • We’ll implement the new Front-end changes and modules for the bridge UI.

Cudos Blast

  • We’ll review the open pull requests for the implementations above.
  • We’ll go through a revision of the ‘-network’ parameter for more enhanced commands.
  • Our research of the RustWasm host and AssemblyScript will continue.
  • We’ll continue to make it simple for external contributors to extend the framework’s functionality via plugins.

MultiSig wallet

  • We intend to execute the administrator command using the Composite Wallet.
  • We’ll conduct additional testing on all tool implementations.

Explorer Updates

  • We’ll continue to address bugs as they are discovered throughout the week.

Monitoring Updates

  • We’ll proceed with updating Grafana for better monitoring.
  • We will examine and possibly implement Panic for Cosmos to improve visibility into the performance of each Validator.

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