Cudos Labs: development update! (10/03/2022)

Last week:

  • We’ve spent most of the week testing and implementing fixes for the genesis scripts, documentation and testnet.
  • We’ve worked on amending a block reward distribution problem.
  • We’ve gone through multiple validations of the final tokenomic design. This will be further tested and reviewed.
  • We carried out additional implementations and fixes related to the builder scripts. The main changes and tests had to be implemented in the staking.json file.
  • We’ve implemented important updates and fixes identified during the testing of the NFT module bindings.
  • We’ve removed unused files in multiple packages.
  • We’ve improved the blast node’s default behaviour.
  • We’ve improved the ‘run’ command to ensure it can execute without a running local node.
  • We’ve renamed the test commands. “blast test” now triggers the unit tests.
  • We’ve fixed multiple vulnerabilities identified in the Cudos Blast official repository.
  • We’ve worked on bug fixes and the finalisation of UI elements.
  • We’ve made an initial deployment of the first version of the MultiSig wallet.
  • We’re stepping up our efforts to implement the community pool governance functionality.

This week:

  • We’ll carry out network-wide testing as part of our Mainnet dress rehearsal.
  • We’ll continue the investigation around the halting issue that occurred during the previous testing phase.
  • We’ll continue with the review of multiple test cases.
  • We’ll step up efforts to complete the monitoring and alerting setup.
  • We’ll carry out heavy traffic/load testing.
  • We’ll prepare for the deployment of the latest MultiSig version on the dress rehearsal network.
  • We’ll continue with our efforts towards implementing a community pool governance functionality.
  • Numerous minor issues are being addressed in Explorer version 1.
  • We will also pay close attention to any potential concerns with Explorer version 2.

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