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This coming Monday, 20 September 2021, we’re launching phase one of our incentivised testnet, Project Artemis.

This is an exciting time for our Product team as we’ve been working hard with the engineers to build this new special-purpose Cudos blockchain. Project Artemis is the first time we’ll be letting our community loose on it. We can’t wait to see what people use it for, and we’re eagerly awaiting more feedback to continue our journey towards a mainnet release!” commented Ethan Illingworth, our Blockchain Product Manager.

Project Artemis goals

Our incentivised testnet aims to accomplish three key things.

1.Secure the network

We want users…

Here’s what we’ve been working on over the last 2 weeks.

Cudos Network

  • We created a validators configuration document
  • We created a mapping utility for the Ethereum to Cudos Network migration
  • We had to postpone our Ethermint research and testing because the Cosmos IBC relay is currently not supporting it.
  • We worked hard on ensuring a Tendermint network can be upgraded once deployed:
  • Ensuring the chain can keep processing as nodes upgrade to new software.
  • Ensuring that no state is lost or amended during an upgrade.


  • We implemented improvements to the Testing Framework.
  • We added CLI improvements for Init, Compile and Local…

We had another great week here at Cudos. We had an insightful “ask me anything” (AMA) live stream with Cudos Founder and CEO, Matt Hawkins. Matt spoke with the CryptoGeek community, with over 29,629 members! Needless to say, the stream was a great success, and Matt answered some exciting questions provided by members of the Chinese Cudos community. Don’t worry if you missed it though, as we’ve got the stream below for you!

Watch the stream now!:

About Cudos

The Cudos Network is a layer 1 blockchain and layer 2 computation and oracle network designed to ensure decentralised, permissionless access to…


The delisted apps that fraudulently sold mining services include, BitFunds, Bitcoin Miner, Daily Bitcoin Rewards, Crypto Holic, MineBit Pro, Bitcoin 2021, Ethereum — Pool Mining Cloud, and a crypto wallet service named Bitcoin — Pool Mining Cloud Wallet.

The report further claims to have found over 120 fake crypto-based apps in Google Play Store with over 100,000 downloads. This highlights the growing attention cryptocurrencies have managed to garner over time.

Crypto fans keen to explore mining must be mindful of the fake apps and use only trustworthy mining platforms.

Learn more: Staking’s colossal growth — is proof of work actually…

Despite COVID, our friend Ben persists with his preparation for the monumental challenge. His training is on track, and the remaining time should be enough for him to prepare thoroughly.


From our previous post, you learnt about the charities that Ben and his friends are supporting. As you can see, these are related to a variety of causes. The unifying thread is that we believe that all of them make a difference and must be supported. That’s why we have promised to match the donations that Ben raises up to 5,000 US dollars.


Ben’s training begun in early June. The…

Here’s what we worked on last week.

Cudos Network

  • We found and fixed an issue with the Gravity bridge startup procedure
  • We redeployed the public-testnet orchestrator.
  • We worked on describing and deciding on the network gas configuration.
  • We were defining server requirements.
  • We worked on ensuring we could upgrade the whole Cudos Network once deployed.
  • We added support for automatic batch creation based on a set of parameters.
  • We mapped a smart contract code review.
  • We worked on UX/UI requirements preparation for the Migration UI.


  • We extended the use cases for the testing framework.
  • We worked on improving usability.


  • We progressed with…

There is less than a day to go until the screening of the new film Slammer in Leicester Square, and Cudos couldn’t be more excited.

Scientist Ann Waterman is kidnapped and becomes a living lab experiment but uncovers a mystery of global significance along the way!

The film features actors Flora Montgomery as Ann Waterman, James Atherton as John Howlett and Victoria Emslie as Sophie Fox, and is produced, written and directed by Ted Byron Baybutt.

Slammer is a Sci-Fi thriller that has cryptocurrency woven into its every weave. …

Elrond started an exciting collaboration with Cudos, a decentralized cloud computing network used by 300,000 businesses and individuals in over 145 countries.

The Cudos validators network connects on- and off-chain resources, bridging the immutability of blockchain networks with the power of computing resources provided by a distributed network. This allows developers to host applications on the Cudos network and connect with the underlying blockchain as needed.

Through cooperation with Elrond, applications running on the Cudos computing layer will be able to connect to the Elrond Network as a settlement layer. …

After months of hard work, we are delighted to let you know that we’ll be launching our incentivised testnet, Project Artemis, in the coming weeks. The goal of this project will be to reward developers and other users of our network just like you for your valuable contributions.


As you may recall, in May, we launched our private testnet, Cognitum, allowing us to refine our infrastructure and offering to serve your needs better. Then, in July, we announced our upcoming incentivised testnet program — Project Artemis.

The name of the project is inspired by NASA’s latest mission to return people…


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