Here at Cudos HQ, we’ve been working extremely hard on our Private Testnet which is now live, we’ve introduced our first development phase “Cognitum” and since then we’ve made quite a lot of progress.

This marks a key milestone in our journey to becoming the world’s largest distributed compute network, and now it’s time to take another giant leap. Introducing our Incentivised Testnet program: Project Artemis.

You might be wondering why we’ve gone with the name “Project Artemis”, Artemis is the name of NASA’s next mission to the moon in collaboration with Space X and as we’re on our own…

Cudos is pleased to share with our community that we have hit our first team vesting milestone and the number of tokens in circulation will be increasing. Whilst this is the first team vesting allocation built into the release schedule, the tokens will only be unlocked for the team members based on the team milestones being reached, so no tokens will actually be distributed yet.

Moreover, all these tokens will be used for our upcoming on-chain staking, which we announced a few days ago. …

What is the difference between CUDOS ERC20 staking and CUDOS native coin staking?

CUDOS is currently an Ethereum based ERC20 token which we launched in January 2021. This was part of our strategy whilst we researched which architecture we built our own Cudos layer 1 blockchain on. With the decision to build on the Cosmos-SDK/Tendermint architecture made following the token launch, we are now planning the transition of the CUDOS token from the Ethereum blockchain to our own Cudos blockchain where it will act as the security backbone of the network and its native currency. As a result, the CUDOS token will transition to our own native Cudos coin.

What will we have to do, when the Cudos mainnet goes live and staking transition to the CUDOS native coin?

As a Staker, we…

The French government has pushed for an agency to regulate cryptocurrencies across the entire European Union. The proposal would result in uniform regulations for digital currency across the EU.

French government has proposed that the European Securities and Market Authority (SEMA) should regulate all digital currencies, and their activity. This, in turn, would establish a single authority over the crypto sector across the trading bloc.

The move would create a uniform set of regulations across the union, as suggested by the French securities regulator, ​​Autorite des Marches Financiers, or AMF.

Proposals across the EU regulatory framework were made for digital…

Understandably there is a lot of talk about the changes to the APR on our staking platform, so here are some points that will help to clear things up.

  • Staking for new projects can often start very high in the initial months, but quickly scales down on a sloping curve, eventually to around 3–7%
  • Cudos have been paying up to 30% APR for close to 6 months as a fixed rate
  • So that we do not postpone on-chain staking any further, we are launching with Ethereum staking for our current ERC20 token with a similar APR. …

Cudos Announces Key Milestone

Cudos is proud to announce the next critical milestone in the development of the Cudos network. As a quick recap, Cudos launched the token on January 12th in AscendEX (widely known as Bitmax at the time) and listed it on Kucoin and Gate in the following months.

Cudos also started offering pre-staking services in AscendEX and Kucoin, which are still live today. AscendEX has an unprecedented market scale: pre-staking on AscendEX currently has over 260 million staked and counting. The amount staked in AscendEX oscillates from 20% to 25% of the entire circulating supply! …

Cudos is proud to announce another update, including what the team has been working on this week, and what’s coming in the week coming up!

Progress since last week:

Staking UI

  • Updates on CSS templates
  • Alignment of elements
  • Fonts updates
  • FAQ page alignment
  • Claim rewards button fix
  • Recent activity results fix
  • Staking UI tooltips are added
  • Validators page added (to be reviewed)

Cudos Network Mainnet

  • Deployed public and private testnets as a result of internal testing of the network
  • Validators with gravity bridge
  • Sync state for fast sync
  • Research gravity fees
  • Validate explorer features with gravity bridge


  • Create NPM CLI
  • Compile a smart contract
  • Start local network

The focus for this week:

Staking UI

  • Finalisation of…

Visa Approves Australian Startup to Issue Debit Cards for Spending Bitcoin

Australians will soon be able to spend crypto via existing brick-and-mortar point-of-sales with the issuance of a new physical debit card, the Australian Financial Review reported Wednesday.

Global payments giant Visa has approved local Australian startup CryptoSpend to begin issuing debit cards for the startup’s users. Those using the CryptoSpend app can then pay using their bitcoin and other supported crypto at retail stores and hospitality venues.

Instead of needing to convert from crypto to fiat, like some other offerings on the market, users of CryptoSpend’s app can make direct purchases.

ASX-listed Novatti will issue the card, which is expected…

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap and is expecting some large updates to its network — Ethereum 2.0. The majority of Ethereum 2.0’s updates are primed to better the platform’s scalability and security. For Ethereum holders, they don’t need to do anything. For developers or those who wish to start staking, there are opportunities to get involved.

Ethereum 2.0 or Eth2 or “Serenity”, is a reference to the upgrades that will make Ethereum more scalable, secure and sustainable, next to its aged counterpart. Said upgrades are being built as we speak from across the Ethereum ecosystem.

Ethereum needs…

Thanks to the growth of the industry, there’s a vast spectrum of protocols on the blockchain network, each of which has to interact with one another through various blockchain bridges. Many of them are noteworthy protocols that have beneficial functionality on the blockchain network: zero-proof protocols are one such case.

Zero-knowledge proof or protocol is a verification built on the blockchain network. It works by one party (the prover) proving to the other (the verifier) that they know a value x, without the presenting of any other sensitive information. And therein lies the fundamentals of the zero-knowledge protocol.

It’s based…


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